Thursday, August 27, 2015

798 Shabu Shabu, Sunway Pyramid

Me and my friend Joanne visited this Shabu Shabu place for lunch one week day. The price is quite reasonable, lunch is RM29.80++ (RM34.60) and dinner is RM39.80+9 (RM46.20) per person. There is a variety of meat includes pork, beef, chicken, fish and venison. Besides meat, they also have an array of vegetable and processed food such as beef balls, pork balls, fish balls, fu chuk, seafood tofu and many more. Every table is allowed to dine for 100mins. All we do is whack whack and whack!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

u little rascal!!!!

All geared up to go out visiting on the 2nd day of CNY

Ahhhhhh...can we be friends?

But my mommy don't allow....because she say u r on heat!!

Yeahhh!! Im released...(ang pao also cannot tempt him..)

Yes, we can be together now..elloo

Mummy scold d...sobzzz...

I'm here again!!!!

Eh?!! Hilang mana??

Got ya....but so high up!! How leh?

Save me!!!!

Mummy sayang u don't sayang me d!!

Dont worry DoDo, I'll come n save u soon....

(Seriously i dont know how on earth he able to jump up there!!????)

I'm HERE, DoDo!!!!!

See how naughty is my baby.................headache....

Friday, February 11, 2011

gong xi gong xi 2011

Aloha everyone!!! couldn't believe it that i've neglected my blog for more than half a year!! I've just checked my nuffnang account today, and to my surprise, there are still people visiting my blog last week though i didn't update for 6 months!!! Whether it is by coincidence that to whomever have visited my blog or my fans who constantly view my blog waiting for updates, thank you so much for believing in me. I'm here to update myself n get connected to the world once again. I've got tones to update but don't know where to start off. First of all, Happy CNY to everyone!! Its coming to an end n hopefully its a great one for u guys this year. Mine was so so only as it didn't start and end off so well. Both me and my bf was sick. He was sick at the beginning of cny n im sick yesterday n today.. sobzz..What a way to start therabbit year??!! Anyway, lets put the negativity away n I shall blog abt my updates after 6 months not getting connected to the world.

So many things happened in this 6 months,

Things have been great at work for the past 6 months. Work went on smoothly n I'm so happy to have my 4 chi mui that bonded so closely together. Its great to get real friends even at work. People always tell me that you cant get true friends at work n only in high school. I've disbelieve that belief!! hehe..without them, work is a boring place. However, things come n go. One of them just have to leave us. Non other than my bff in the group. But we promise to be best of friends till old. As our tag line says till death do us apart!!! Surely gonna miss u Ms Richelle Lim Pei Ee.!!!!

all the 5 hiao po's together...xoxo

with bff

I really think n believe that nothing can be compare to your own home n family. Yes, that is precisely true. No matter what have u turned into, how bad or good you transformed or one but only your family can accept and receive you with open arms. So, never neglect or take your family for granted before it is too late. I'm glad i have a loving and open minded family. I love every single one of you!!! especially mummyLove!! hehe..

its amazing to see hw much they have grown up

7 years coming to 8 years??!! Can't u believe it? Thinking back as if we have just met yesterday! We have been thru alot, 2 years honeymoon in Form 6 and 4 years unbelievable long distance. Now that we r together back again n it is the time to get to know each other again after 4 years not being together. Kinda of a challenge as we r not use to being together all the time but i bet we will go thru it together!! Loving u always!!

Thats all for now, I've got to prepare for my friend's wedding dinner. Till then!! Signing off...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Phewww....It has been four months since my last post on cny. Thanks to Mr Khor for reminding me today that I've abandon my dear diary. I've got tonnes to update. Guess I'll take it slow, one by one.

Earth Hour, Long Bar One U
dated March 2010

It was a great night, hanging out with a bunch of close buddies of his. We were all quite high and pretty enjoyed the whole night.

St Patrick Day, One u
dated 19 March 2010

Then, came St Patrick's day. The event was held in One U and this time around I went up there to kepo. I was pretty curious was is it all about and at the same time to meet up Ee Leen who came back from aussies. Time for reunion!! It has been more than 6 years since we have last met. Never been the same but she still the old naughty and funny Ee Leen that I've known since secondary. We used to do quite a number of things together huh. played tennis together, studied for PMR together in her hse but end up playing around...mpphh..those were the days man..

with ee leen

Cycle meeting 2 of Servier Malaysia

@ Berjaya Times Square KL
dated March 7

The second night mare was back then in March. I could even feel the stress even a week b4 the meeting. What was spinning in my mind was endless role play, detailing, questioning and quizes. Hw terrible that could be? U judge. Only pharma ppl will know or more specific only Servierian will know!!!! Sobzz. Then, after a week the night mare was over and we skipped through the deathly moment!! At the end of the meeting we had the company's annual meeting with the OP's as well. The theme was Monte Carlo and it was kinda exciting as gambling tables were set up and we were given "Servier" bank note to play on each table. I didnt get the chance as I'm one of the bunny gal to coordinate the game. It was quite fun but nothing compares to STAR. Oh ya, I won second price for the lucky draw too. It was RM2200 with hampers and complimentary hotel stay.."Wink Wink".. hw lucky right? Never in my life I've ever won any lucky draw or contest. excited giler when i receive the price on stage..keke..

Shooting, Heritage Hotel KL
dated 7 February 2010

Since I'm back for good from KK in June, I've never had a chance for photoshooting until Jye called me up for a carefree photoshoot with his frens in Heritage Hotel KTM KL. This time around with Livvyy and Angie. Combination of the three of us was great as we labeled ourselves as "our bfs are best frens"..hhehe..But I had to leave early so not much that I took. Another great experience since my last KK photoshoot.

Okies till then for today. I'll have more tomorrow. Stay tune...........................................................